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Sale of LaGrave Field finally goes through

Fort Worth CatsLaGrave Field, the home of the Fort Worth Cats (independent; North American League), has been sold to John Bryant’s FW Stadium Group LLC for $4.5 million.

Carl Bell built the new facility on the site of the first LaGrave Field, digging out the old dugouts and positioning home plate at its original location. But Bell ran into financial issues — some relating to the team, some relating to additional real-estate ventures — and ended up having the ballpark repossessed. Bryant and his partner, Byron Pierce, owner of the Texas teams in the North American League, leased the ballpark after buying the Cats this past season. (Mike Stone, the former Northern League commissioner who bought the Cats from Bell, is gone from the scene.)

The ballpark was sold by Amergy Bank.

The sale means the pair are planning on continuing operating in 2013, but it remains to be seen if the two remain as part of the North American League or revive play as United League Baseball, the former name for the Texas teams in the NAL. The dream of a nationwide independent league appear to be faltering, and with many references to the ULB in recent weeks, it would appear the pair are looking at establishing their own path for 2013.


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