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Lake Charles eying pro ball

Lake Charles officials have begun preliminary discussions of independent North American League baseball in that Louisiana city, an effort that would include a new ballpark.

The last pro team in Lake Charles was the Lake Charles Giants, who played in 1957 at Legion Field. That ballpark still exists, but it’s not suitable for the pro game today. So we’re likely looking at a new ballpark. From the American Press:

“I would call them early discussions, but we are interested in looking into the process,” said Swashbuckler president Chris Meaux….

Odds are that any team coming to the area would be an independent club, not affiliated with any major league organization. “That seems to be the direction we are going in right now,” Meaux said. “That makes the most sense to us, especially in the first year.”

Nothing is imminent: we’re talking 2014 at the earliest, but 2015 is a more likely target date at this time. The greater Lake Charles MSA has a population of 194,138.


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