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Another NIMBY tale, this one in Ramapo

Provident Bank Park

Neighbors of Provident Bank Park, home of the Rockland Boulders (independent; Can-Am League), want to see the team cut back on fireworks and music because their dogs are upset by the noise.

We’re only being partly facetious. Admittedly, ballpark can have a negative impact on a neighborhood if things aren’t run properly. But in Ramapo there’s little indication things are not being run well, and the local newspaper went out and found a real story: local dogs and their owners don’t like fireworks:

“As nice as the fireworks are, I would suggest that they not be done anymore as far as the sake of the animals,” said Charles Brooks, a dog owner and Stony Point resident. “Why put them through all that aggravation?”

New City resident Matt Fredricks, another dog owner, lives less than five miles from the ballpark. He can’t wait until Labor Day, when the fireworks displays will come to an end.

“It’s like clockwork, every time those damn fireworks go off … he’s freaked,” Fredricks said of one of his three dogs. “He’s hiding under things or climbing up on top of my head … I can’t imagine living any closer.”

OK, then.

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