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West Virginia ballpark renderings released

Proposed West Virginia ballpark

These renderings are in the conceptual stage and will certainly be changed if a pro team joins in the effort, but here’s what West Virginia University is thinking when it comes to new ballpark.

The renderings, prepared by Kevin Turkall of Designstream LLC in Pittsburgh, shows a fairly basic college ballpark with limited suites and no outfield berm, club seating or group areas so important to the finances of a minor-league baseball team. That’s OK: these drawings were done to give Athletic Director Oliver Luck something to show donors as he works with a developer on a new-ballpark plan in Morgantown. They can stand as is if the NCAA’s Mountaineers end up as the sole tenant; they can be augmented if a short-season NY-Penn League team is in the mix.

Proposed West Virginia ballpark

Proposed West Virginia ballpark

Proposed West Virginia ballpark

Proposed West Virginia ballpark

Images courtesy of West Virginia University and Designstream.

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