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Handelsman, Wilderman on the mend

Fayetteville SwampDogsGood news out of North Carolina: Darrell Handelsman and Mark Wilderman of the Fayetteville SwampDogs (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) are recovering after a gas-grill explosion at the ballpark.

Team co-owner/GM/coach Handelsman, SwampDogs operations manager Mark Wilderman and intern Jonathan Wilson-Daughtner were hospitalized after a May 24 propane explosion at J.P. Riddle Stadium. A gas leak on a commercial-grade grill caused an explosion when lit, creating damage in the grill structure and sending four to the hospital.

Co-owner Lew Handelsman — Darrell’s father — reports both his son and Wilderman are on the mend. Neither suffered facial burns; Handelsman received second-degree burns on his legs and right hand, while Wilderman suffered second- and third-degree burns requiring some skin grafts.

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