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Comedian Maher buys chunk of Mets

Bill MaherCalling it a “great investment,” comedian/political satirist Bill Maher has purchased a minority share of the New York Mets.

“First of all, I think it’s a great investment,” Maher said in a statement. “People sometimes forget that there’s only one National League franchise in New York City and they’re not making anymore. I’m a Met fan my whole life and I think it would be a great place.”

A native of nearby River Vale (N.J.), Maher launched his career as a standup comedian in New York City clubs before moving to Los Angeles and eventually embarked on a series of television series (Politically Incorrect, Real Time) that defy any easy ideological classifications; if anything, Maher is both a libertarian and a liberal atheist not afraid of confronting the status quo.

The purchase was made months ago; the announcement was made yesterday due to Maher’s busy schedule. No word on whether he bought a full $20 million share or is a partial owner of a share. The Mets put 12 shares of the team on the market after the whole Bernie Madoff debacle; under the terms of the deal, investors will be repaid their investment in six years with three percent interest.

There is a rich tradition of celebrities investing in Major League Baseball teams, ranging from singer Bing Crosby owning 15 percent of the Pittsburgh Pirates for decades and Bob Hope investing in the Cleveland Indians to Gene Autry being the original owner of the Los Angeles Angels.

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