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New/old for 2012: St. Cloud Rox

St. Cloud Rox

Ah, some good news for those of looking to regain our youth: the St. Cloud Rox (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) are back. Now let’s tear down the Office Max and bring back the ballpark on Division.

OK, this is a little insidery if you didn’t grow up in the St. Cloud area, as we did. So let’s report this in a more upfront manner: the former St. Cloud River Bats, under new ownership, will adopt the name of the old Class C/Class A St. Cloud Rox, the city’s longtime entry in the original Northern League between 1946 and 1971. New owners Gary Posch and Joe Sexton did the surprising thing and went back to the nostalgia files to bring back the team name; they also hewed close to the original red and cream of the Rox, though we must admit we don’t get the miner’s hat — granite is quarried, not mined. (The Rox is a reference to St. Cloud’s status as the Granite City.) But that’s nitpicking; bravo for the return to the past.

Municipal Stadium, St. Cloud

Botton image by the legendary Myron Hall; courtesy of the St. Cloud Times.

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