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New for 2012: London Rippers

London RippersPerhaps it’s not a great idea to name a team after a serial killer, as the new London Rippers (independent; Frontier League) moniker is causing a stir in Ontario.

Team president and general manager David Martin unveiled the name and logo last night, as the team preps for play in 2012 at historic Labatt Park. Immediately the name was ripped by potential fans who found the embrace of Jack the Ripper to be a little too creepy. From the London Free Press:

Within minutes of unveiling the team’s new name and logo, the Internet was abuzz with bemused and angry Londoners, interpreting the name as a not-so-subtle reference to serial killer Jack The Ripper….

But team president and general manager David Martin was unapologetic, saying the name, Rippers, is a common baseball term that speaks to the bat prowess of the cartoon character they’ve created as part of a marketing strategy.

“That (Jack The Ripper) is not our story,” said Martin, when told about the reaction. “Ripping a ball is used in baseball all the time.”

True enough, but the logo doesn’t necessarily reflect that angle. The backstory: the logo is Diamond Jack, a hockey player turned baseball player. We’re a little unclear why a hockey player would be wearing a top hat and overcoat in the manner of Jack the Ripper, but whatever.

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