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Cal baseball lives to play another day

Cal BearsAfter months of fundraising by program supporters, the Cal baseball program escaped elimination after University of California-Berkeley officials decided that $9 million in donations was enough to save the sport.

University officials had placed a goal of $10 million for private fundraising. Fundraisers had come close to that figure in recent days, but a reduction in a large gift pushed the total down, leaving some to wonder if their efforts were for naught. Stepping up were several alumni, including Jeff Kent (contributing $100,000) and Stu Gordon (who contributed $550,000 and raised several million more). Agent Scott Boras contributed $50,000.

The money will be used to establish an endowment to help pay program costs as well as improve Evans Diamond. At one time the goal was to raise $60 million to save the program, which features alumni like Andy Messersmith, Geoff Blum, Jackie Jensen and Mike Epstein.

The Cal Bears are currently ranked 13th in the nation.

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