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Judge: Ramapo ballpark construction will continue

New Ramapo Ballpark

It’s too late for ballpark opponents to shut down construction of a new Ramapo (N.Y.) ballpark for the Rockland Boulders (independent; Can-Am League), as a New York judge rules construction of the ballpark can continue in anticipation of a June opening.

New York Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson held that with ballpark construction reaching the 70 percent completion mark, it was too late for the Preserve Ramapo group and other plaintiffs to petition the court for relief: shutting down construction would cost the city millions and probably end up costing the city more than actually letting the ballpark open.

An appeal is likely: plaintiffs argue that the ballpark isn’t close to completion.

The case is far from over: the main issue before the judge at this time was whether the completion of the ballpark would cause irreparable harm to the plaintiffs, and she held it clearly would not. The meat of the lawsuit — whether there were improper financial transfers between the town and the economic-development agency actually building the ballpark, in defiance of a 2010 referendum barring the use of city money for the project — will continue.

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