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Saints: Time to anoint the pig

St. Paul SaintsIf it’s spring, it’s time for the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) to run a contest to name to team’s porcine mascot for the 2011 season.

The Saints employ a pig every season to bring balls to the umpire at Midway Stadium games, a nice little touch that inevitably draws the attention of the crowd to a mundane act. And as part of that, the team runs a -name-the-pig competition every spring. The names, historically, have been pretty entertaining: Hammy Davis Jr., Kevin Bacon, Garrison Squealer, Boarack Ohama and Brat Favre have been the winner in previous seasons. (There’s a good reason to use a pig in St. Paul: the city was formerly known as Pig’s Eye after an early inhabitant, “Pig’s Eye” Parrant.)

The winner of the contest will receive the usual prizes: tickets, merchandise and the chance to throw out a first pitch during the first home series.

“As the general manager of a professional baseball team I’m faced with many difficult personnel decisions prior to every season both on the field and off,” said Saints Executive Vice President and General Manager Derek Sharrer. “With the creativity that our fans show each and every year none are more difficult than this one.”

Speaking of the Saints: President Mike Veeck will receive the College of Charleston’s Department of Communication Distinguished Communicator Award. Veeck will deliver a speech at 4 p.m., April 11, at the Stern Center Ballroom on the College of Charleston campus.

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