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Dayton proposes $20M for new Saints ballpark

Proposed St. Paul Saints ballpark

We’re a long ways from any money actually changing hands, but a bid from the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) for state funding is off to a good start, as it’s made Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton‘s initial bonding proposal, presented today to the State Legislature.

Dayton released a wish list for a billion-dollar bonding bill today. Normally Minnesota does not bond in even-numbered years, but Dayton says the state should take advantage of low interest rates and construction costs. Republicans, who control both houses of the legislature, have not come out totally against a bonding bill, saying they wanted to see the actual proposal and could use money from unspent projects to help fund it.

The proposal: St. Paul would build a 7,500-seat ballpark in downtown St. Paul’s Lowertown area, on the site of a former Gillette warehouse across the street from the Farmer’s Market. It’s a gorgeous site; Lowertown is a trendy area right now and becoming a major hotspot in the Twin Cities. The state would spend $20 million on the facility, with the Saints and city coming up with $25 million more.

Image courtesy of the St. Paul Saints.

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