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SkyHawks to go dark?

Sussex SkyhawksA deal for Floyd Hall to sell the Sussex SkyHawks (independent; Can-Am League) has fallen through, and efforts to sell the team continues — but unless a deal can be consummated soon, the team could go dark in 2011 or play as a travel team, putting the indy circuit in a scheduling pinch.

It’s a slightly complicated situation: a prospective owner must come to terms with Hall for the team and then negotiate a lease for Skylands Park with Millennium Sports Management, which owns the ballpark. We’re told the larger issues have been with Millennium Sports over the terms of a lease, not with the sale itself. There’s also the strong possibility the SkyHawks may become a travel team for the 2011 season if a lease cannot be worked out.

We’re also told this Facebook posting on the official SkyHawks page is more than a little overwrought: there are several moving pieces in setting out a Can-Am League schedule for 2011, including the uncertain state of a Ramapo team and some questions about at least one more team. No official decision has been made about the status of the team for 2011, though we’re obviously close to crunch time.

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