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New group takes control of Joliet ballpark

Frontier LeagueThe regime change in Joliet, Ill., is complete, as a new ownership group led by Alan Oremus takes control of Silver Cross Field and sets up operations today. Now comes the fun part: prepping for the 2011 season.

Steel City Baseball paid $915,000 for the privilege of playing at Silver Cross Field, along with all the ballpark equipment (including suite furniture and the ticketing system), from the Joliet JackHammers (independent; Northern League). Today is the day the group receives the keys to the ballpark — we’re guessing GM John Dittrich is already down there poking around — as they size up the task before them.

Which is formidible. First off, the team needs to come up with a moniker via a name-the-team contest and marketing plan for the upcoming season. Then they will need to scrub all references to the JackHammers from the ballpark, as well as work to mend fences with vendors burned by the previous regime.

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