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Westfield approves site for sports complex, complete with new ballpark

Frontier LeagueWestfield, Indiana wants to see itself as the Family Sports Capital of America and is embarking on what could be a billion-dollar sports complex, complete with a 5,000-seat minor-league ballpark.

It is an ambitious project, to say the least, encompassing some 300 acres and potentially costing a billion dollars by the time all is said and done. On the one hand, nearby Indianapolis (some 30 miles away) is already an amateur-sports center: The NCAA is headquartered there, and plenty of amateur-sports events are held there.

So there’s a solid base. But Westfield is a smaller community: it’s pegged at housing over 12,000 residents, with population clearly on the rise both within its city limits and in nearby Noblesville, Fishers and Carmel. It seems a little extreme that such a small community could come up with the funds for a billion-dollar sports development, much less $15 million or so for a new 5,000-seat independent-league ballpark. We’ve been told the Frontier League is the league involved to some degree in the project; we’re waiting for confirmation.

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