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ULB bounces check for Amarillo rent, but immediately corrects it

United League BaseballThe drama over the future of United League Baseball in Amarillo was heightened when the beleaguered indy circuit bounced a check to Potter County for Amarillo Dilla Villa back rent, but the league quickly wired funds to cover it.

Potter County ordered ULB to make up $100,000 in back rent for the home of the Amarillo Dillas with three payments: $25,000 on Sept. 17, $25,000 last Friday, and $50,000 this coming Thursday. It was the Sept. 17 payment that bounced because of insufficient funds; the second payment reportedly went through with no problems.

The problem for ULB: perception. There’s a lot of buzz out there about employees and vendors not being paid, compounded by issues facing the league in Laredo over back rent; even if the buzz were not true, bouncing a rent check is a black eye even when the problem is immediately corrected. As a league, having people think you are facing financial issues is a killer.

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