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The Week That Was: September 18

Regions Park

Here are the top stories published on Ballpark Digest the past week. Plus, a look at the numbers generated by Ballpark Digest users after the transition to the new publishing system; quite honestly, we’re pretty amazed at the response.

First off: some numbers for you Web types to chew on. Since we moved to the new publishing system, page views are up significantly both over recent weeks and a year ago. Specifically: page views are up 179 percent over the last week on the old publishing system and 181 percent over a year ago. More importantly, the number of people reading the site is also up significantly, up 61 percent over the last week on the old platform and 70 percent over a year ago, as measured by IP addresses. And perhaps most importantly, ad impressions were up 92 percent over the last week on the old platform and 68 percent over a year ago. In short, more people are visiting the site and reading more stories.

Now, any redesign will pump page views, especially one as dramatic as what we implemented. But we’ve also noticed a surge in Facebook activity, in Twitter followers and even in Foursquare (!) interest.

Enough with the numbers. Here are the top 20 stories publishing this past week on Ballpark Digest, as measured by page views:

New Loudoun County team to announce name, logo Sept. 21

Birmingham to discuss downtown ballpark Monday

Fate of Bevos in the air until November, maybe December

Booted from Myrtle Beach, Atlanta turns to Lynchburg

Round Rock to announce affiliation shift to Rangers

Rainiers win; are rewarded with PCL playoffs on the road</p>

Burlington to study future of Centennial Field

Bondholders warned Redbirds may default

Hot Rods, Tampa Bay extend PDC

ULB facing ballpark issues in Amarillo?

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