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Express offers concessions via smartphone

Round Rock ExpressTired of long lines at ballpark concessions stands? The Round Rock Express are instituting a Bypass Lane at the Dell Diamond so fans can order items on their smartphones and skip the lines.

Ryan-Sanders Baseball and the Round Rock Express (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) announced the introduction of the Bypass Lane at the Dell Diamond, which allows fans to order and pay for concessions on their smartphones and skip the line at the concession stands. The Round Rock Express is the first franchise to offer a venue-wide solution that allows every fan from any seat in the ballpark to use the service.

“Improving the fan experience is our number-one priority,” Express Owner and CEO Reid Ryan said. “Bypass is real game-changer that allows our fans to skip long lines and remain engaged in the game, their families and the fun. I envision this service being offered at every sports and entertainment venue in the coming years.”

The service is provided by Bypass Lane, an Austin-based technology company. By visiting on their iPhones, Androids, Dell phones and Palm Pres and Pixis, fans can view the full food and drink menus of four concession stands at The Dell Diamond: Curveball Cantina, Double Play Café, Nolan Ryan Fireball Grill and Hot Corner Grill.

Fans place and pay for their orders in just seconds, avoiding the long lines and hassles of regular concession stands. Bypass Lane sends fans a text message when their orders are ready for pickup from the closest Bypass Lane, thus getting them back to their seats in little time.

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