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Miles Wolff: Can-Am Association eager for Ramapo team

Some local residents want to see more information about the financing a new ballpark in Ramapo, N.Y. but Can-Am Association Commissioner Miles Wolff says his circuit is eager to play there.

The debate over a new ballpark in Ramapo, N.Y., continues, with opponents taking to the media and Internet to complain about the lack of any specifics regarding funding and financing of a new $25-million facility. Of course, this looks terrible: without a specific plan, the assumption will be that the ballpark will be funded out of the city's general fund, putting every taxpayer and business owner on the line. And there's been some grumbling about the fact that independent ball is being wooed.

Miles Wolff, commissioner of the Can-Am Association, published a piece in a local newspaper over the weekend design to address criticisms of his indy circuit. It doesn't sound like he's been involved in any substantive discussions about ballpark financing, but he does a nice job deflecting criticism of the Can-Am Association, which is certainly not a fly-by-night operation.

Still, it will take more than this to mollify apprehensive taxpayers; the sooner ballpark proponents in Ramapo can come up with a ballpark funding plan the better.

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