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Northern League signs unusual sponsor for trainer award

The doctor is in: Dr. McGillicuddy Schnapps will sponsor the award for the Northern League trainer/doctor of the year.
It's not everyday a liquor distributor signs on to sponsor a doctor/trainer of the year award, but this coming season in the independent Northern League Sazerac Company, a distributor of Dr. McGillicuddy Schnapps, will recognize the League's best team doctor or athletic trainer in 2010.

"A 100 game season is a grind," said Lake County Fielders manager Fran Riordan, "The doctors and trainers that help keep these players in shape and healthy deserve some recognition." And, presumably, a shot of two of Dr. McGillicuddy Schnapps between innings.

The new League award will be called the Dr. McGillicuddy Most valuable Team Doctor or Athletic Trainer. Any team medical staffer is eligible to win the award.

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