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Franklin Rogers Park / Mankato MoonDogs

Franklin Rogers Park is one of those older ballparks you can find scattered across the United States: too small to house a minor-league baseball team but large enough to attract the attention of entrepreneurs looking to bring in a summer collegiate team. Such is the case with Franklin Rogers Park, home of the Mankato MoonDogs. […]

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SHEA Featured

Shea Stadium / New York Mets

By any measure, Shea Stadium is the ultimate testament to 1960s stadium architecture. Its unyielding symmetry elevates form over function. The outside view of Shea Stadium is very attractive with a circular layout and an open center field: it does look better from a distance as an abstract sculpture, as anyone who has flown in […]

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Al Lang Field

Though it’s not quite the old ballpark it once was, Al Lang Field deserves a special place in the hearts and minds of baseball fans. It will more than likely be torn down in coming years to make way for either parkland or a new Tampa Bay Rays ballpark. But if you find yourself in […]

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National League

The National League launched the modern era of professional baseball as a response to the looser, arguably corrupt National Association, in 1876. Led by William Hulbert and Albert Spalding, the circuit began with the defection of four Western teams — St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati — from the National Association and launched with eight […]

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