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Bottom-shelf-booze magnate making play for Mets?

New York MetsMartin J. Silver, whose Long Island-based Star Industries is a prime purveyor of fine spirits like Georgi Vodka and Carnabys Gin, says he’s willing to invest in the New York Mets with the Wilpons, forced to seek a minority investor because of potential financial problems.

Silver, an investor in the Wilmington Blue Rocks (High Class A; Carolina League), wants to meet with the Wilpons to discuss a minority share of the team — and negotiate a say in the team’s day-to-day operations.

“We are trying to get some negotiations started,” Silver said at a press conference today at Jack Dempsey’s. “The Mets are restricted because of the finances of the Wilpons. They can’t get more established players and make the playoffs again with the money they have now.

“Anybody who is going to the bank to borrow money and invest in the team isn’t going to be okay with having no say in operations.”

Silver certainly isn’t shy about using the media to promote his offerings (indeed, at the press conference today he was accompanied by buxom gals sporting Georgi tees, and in the past his bikini-butt ads caused were pulled after protests), though he says he explored an investment in the Mets back in 2009. And he’s certainly a baseball fan.

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