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Mets lower ticket prices for 2011

New York Mets alt logoIncreased supply meets diminished demand, as the New York Mets lowered prices for many seats at Citi Field for the 2011 season, decreasing costs by an average of 14 percent across the entire ballpark.

Within the 14-percent average price decrease, the Mets have made a range of market-based adjustments to Citi Field’s 41,800 seats:

  • Ticket prices for 62 percent of the seats in the ballpark have been reduced
  • More than half of all seats have double-digit price reductions
  • 18 percent of the seats have been cut by 20 percent or more
  • 8 percent of seats have price decreases of 30 percent or more
  • Several seat categories have modest increases that average approximately 5 percent

In addition, season-ticket holders will receive an additional 10 percent discount on their ducats.

The Mets have increased the number of tickets that cost $15 or less by 45 percent to 384,000 from 264,206 last season. Almost 2 million tickets, or 61 percent of total capacity, cost $50 or less, up from 54 percent in 2010. Single-game tickets start at $12, up from $11 last season.

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