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Should Montreal pursue MLB?

Baseball romantics and market researchers say conditions are right for Major League Baseball to return to Montreal — but others argue it’s a waste of time to bring back Expos 2.0. Hardcore baseball fans have fond memories of the Montreal Expos because the team, its players and its ballparks never fit within the stifling conformity […]

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Reax to new Marlins Ballpark

After a series of high-school, college and pro exhibitions, Marlins Ballpark is set to open tonight as the new home of the Miami Marlins. Here’s a roundup of early reactions to the facility. The first pitch is scheduled for tonight at 7:05 p.m. ET. Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald says the new ballpark represents […]

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Parking-ramp collapse leads to safety concerns at Olympic Stadium

The collapse of a section of underground parking at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has some wondering about the historic facility’s stability. Olympic Stadium, the groundbreaking home of the 1976 Summer Olympics and then home to the Montreal Expos before that team’s exodus to Washington, has always had issues with its physical plant: the groundbreaking retractable fabric […]

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