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Parking-ramp collapse leads to safety concerns at Olympic Stadium

Montreal ExposThe collapse of a section of underground parking at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has some wondering about the historic facility’s stability.

Olympic Stadium, the groundbreaking home of the 1976 Summer Olympics and then home to the Montreal Expos before that team’s exodus to Washington, has always had issues with its physical plant: the groundbreaking retractable fabric roof never really worked properly, for example.

Now, it was not the condition of Olympic Stadium that drove the Expos from Montreal: you can thank Bud Selig and Jeffrey Loria for that. But there’s always been a gnawing concern about the place (especially when there have been other structural problems, like concrete falling on a walkway in 1991), and the collapse of a ceiling in the ballpark’s parking ramp yesterday certainly does nothing to ease those fears.

So expect another round of discussions over the future of the facility, which at the present doesn’t have a full-time tenant.


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