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Sponsored Story: Fan Engagement Through New Technology

THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE FAN. The growth of sports team business lies within fan interaction and satisfaction. Our experience with years of tremendous feedback from the likes of professional sports teams, colleges, sports complexes, hospitals, retail establishments, concerts, festivals and outdoor events have enabled Stadium1 to create the winning formula. (more…)

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Stadium One

Sponsored Story: Serving Up ROI Success with Stadium1

ROI. When team owners and management hear those three simple letters, what thoughts come to mind? The first question — can this product or service potentially help our team increase revenues and decrease expenses? All too often, ownership only sees the cash outlay and the cost of the system. That is because most systems cannot […]

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Sponsored Story: Technology Challenges for Teams and Stadiums

The challenges of today’s technology, software integration and social media are monumental for team owners and general managers. The main challenges are: How to better manage in game operations, maximize all revenue centers, and drive up the per cap while understanding how to cater to customer buying habits and create a customized offering for different […]

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