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Sponsored Story: Ignite POS revenues with Stadium One

0-GM_Owner_APP_smallStadium One is taking your stadium operations to an entirely new level with a point-of-sale (POS) system that connects management, sells advertising, and integrates our fan loyalty program, creating optimum revenue opportunities.

In the past, when professional teams considered a point-of-sale (POS) system, major considerations include price, inventory tracking performance, and can it process orders fast enough. These are good factors for a traditional mindset and have worked in the past. But Stadium One’s new approach distributes data through a uniquely designed system for employees and management. Management is asking how a POS system can generate more revenue and how can it be integrated into operations like ticketing, sponsorship advertising and fan loyalty with in-seat and suite ordering. On the expense side, how do we connect our payroll, scheduling and cash bank control into ONE complete and comprehensive offering, linking to all of our business operations together while providing a cost-effective solution for our team and fans.

Stadium One is specifically designed to maximize all revenue centers, reducing expenses and waste around your stadium operation. We have achieved this based on our last four years in the field. Stadium One comprehensive venue management software has proven to reduce employee expenses and diminish F&B waste, resulting in a considerable overall growth for our clients. Our feedback from our teams speaks for itself — our features and functionality help management implement a more effective control for their business. Here are some comments.

Tim Baumann, General Manager of the Lowell Spinners:

“Ed and Stadium One delivered on what they promised. They worked directly with our food and beverage managers, merchandise director and comptroller to ensure every detail was accounted for. From payroll, to inventory to menu to pricing everything is now under one roof. We don’t typically like change in New England…but this change was certainly for the good.”

Jason Compton, General Manager and VP of the Jackson Generals:

“Stadium One is a one-stop shop when it comes to managing game day operations. As a General Manger, anything that helps you juggle all of the different pieces that go into a making a game day happen is more than welcome. We are already looking forward to seeing what additions and innovations will be implemented for 2016.”

Chris Allen, Chief Operating Officer of the Tennessee Smokies

“It has been a pleasure working with Stadium One over the past two seasons. As we continue to grow, and expand our operation, Stadium One has been there with support and insight along the way. We have a better handle on our operation thanks to Stadium One.”

POS Units and APPs work in sync to gather data on the front end and deliver real-time information to management employees and fans.



Here are some software tools that optimize our clients’ operational flow:

GM/Owner Dashboard APP — This APP quickly identifies exactly how the operational flow is going in real time. This is uniquely designed and displayed for a quick overview of the entire operation in just seconds. It can drill down quickly to illustrate tickets sales by category, overall sales, deal engine sales with payroll expenses and much more.

The Loyalty APP — Our customer rewards program includes designated gifts, rewards and prizes through points obtained around the stadium. The points are banked and redeemed at any Stadium One POS throughout the stadium. This can maximize fan spending and interaction before, during and after the game.

Stadium One POS is a goldmine for data collection.

The point of sale device is a data-collection goldmine. Stadium One collects the data from the customer, distinguishing the following: who they are, what are they spending money on and where are they spending it. This data is then funneled back through a sophisticated data steam. Data flows in and connects to our owner/GM on-the-go APP and filters into our customer database. This is where data mining begins and management can decipher the data as needed.

The loyalty APP is where the data flow resides from the fans perceptive. Stadium One has the ability to track spending that translates into prizes, promotions and much more. Plus, it gives them a reason to keep coming back and spend more at your stadium.

Advertising sponsorships within Stadium One can create a new revenue channel and track ad responses.

Stadium One

Stadium One back screens are uniquely designed as a new generation of software tools to implement a higher level of advertising for our professional teams. Creating traditional signage is fine, but now we can take it to the next level. Just imagine: a sponsor can determine the ROI through our QR code recognition. Plus, the team does not have to pay to print the sign any longer.

This increases the number of sponsorship opportunities in your ballpark or arena while enhancing the number of locations your sponsor can advertise.

The fan will be focused on the ads because their orders and sales transactions will be on the screen when sales are being transacted.

Remember, our goal is to maximize revenue. Stadium One makes your POS device a revenue-generating machine, which will improve your sponsorship revenue directly to the bottom line.

Loaded tickets at Stadium One POS devices are handled smoothly and tracked with ease to generate more income.

Stadum One

Stadium One

The loaded ticket module from Stadium One is another revenue generation tool proven to help promote additional fan spending around the ballpark. We have multiple loaded ticket options including parties, groups or individuals, all capable of segmenting various values and expiration dates. Now coaches, group leaders, or chaperons can load dollars onto the ticket, which is extremely convenient for everyone. Fans tend to spend more than the amount on their loaded ticket because it becomes like Monopoly money to them. Plus, after the game your marketing department can send an e-mail or call with a reminder message: “We hope you enjoyed the game, you have five dollars left on your ticket would you like us to put that towards another game ticket.”

In summary: Stadium One POS connects to multiple potential revenue streams to maximize a team’s potential to increase their bottom line. The data flows from the POS to engage ownership, management, sponsors, fans, employees, enabling all parties to have a stake in the sales data transaction process, igniting optimum revenue opportunities. 


About Stadium One: Our software was designed specifically for stadium operations. We were born online and created from the ground up with a solid foundation of utilizing the most advanced cloud-based software programming technology tools, designed by a team owner with a world-class technology background.

Stadium One exists in the market today with tools that can help teams increase revenues, reduce theft and waste. We link all departments into a real-time system so ownership can make more informed pre-game, in-game and post-game decisions in a snap based on our integrated technology.

This revolutionary product is something you have to see to believe.

To learn more please contact Ed Mullen at or call 561-704-1414.


Ed MullinAbout the author — Ed Mullen is an invited nationally recognized speaker and author on sports technology. He has managed and implemented thousands of software systems into sports venues worldwide. Ed performs educational seminars on stadium software solutions. His passion and understanding of Stadium One client’s goals and objectives, enables Ed and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of software services. These results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential.

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