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Fairfield Properties Ballpark upgrades on tap for LI Ducks

We’ll see Fairfield Properties Ballpark upgrades on tap for the Long Island Ducks, as the Atlantic League team prepares for the 2023 season.

The most apparent change for Ducks fans: a new HD videoboard in left-center field, which will take the place of the current 16-foot tall by 34-foot wide videoboard that has been operating since the 2010 season. The new board will be over 50 percent larger than the previous board, measuring approximately 30 feet high by 36 feet wide. It will also feature a 370 percent increase in true resolution over the current board via a 16mm TruePixel Visua LED Display (four times the resolution). The videoboard will boast a total of 356,400 pixels or 1,069,200 total LEDs.

Multiple new cameras are also being installed around the ballpark to integrate with the new videoboard and provide an improved viewing experience for Ducks live home game broadcasts. Additionally, the board is equipped with next generation design IP65 for enhanced protection. The current ribbon board, linescore and videoboard will be removed to create the space necessary for the new, improved videoboard.

In addition to the upgraded videoboard experience, the sound system of the ballpark will be replaced and upgraded to improve amplification, public address, and capabilities of the promotional team to enhance the overall fan experience. In all, over 75 new JBL speakers will be installed, along with new mixing, microphone, and digital signal processing throughout the ballpark. These will integrate with the new videoboard, as well as the ballpark’s LED lighting systems.

“Ducks fans are the most loyal in all of baseball,” said Ducks Founder/CEO/Owner Frank Boulton vis press release. “These projects, along with our commitment to keeping ticket prices in check, allow us to continue to deliver on our promise of delivering the most fun, fan friendly and affordable entertainment experience on Long Island for many years to come.”

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