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Reopening Day means Dodger Stadium renovations on full display

The latest round of renovations to Dodger Stadium, originally set to debut in 2020, will on full display for the first time tonight as the Los Angeles Dodgers open the doors to full capacity on Reopening Day.

We’ve seen several MLB teams hold Reopening Days this month when they’ve been cleared for full capacity, including promos by the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs. The Reopening Day promo planned by the Dodgers tonight has some extra oomph: it will be the first time fans will see a fully open, renovated Center Field Plaza. Here’s what fans can expect, per the Dodgers:

  • Creation of Centerfield Plaza: The new Centerfield Plaza will create a stadium “front door” with almost two acres of unique food offerings, entertainment and kids areas, retail locations, sponsor activations, more social and standing room areas and greater access for those with special needs. A new kids play area will be constructed just beyond the wall in straight-away centerfield, and fans will be able to enjoy the game from above of a newly-constructed batters eye wall. The new Centerfield Plaza will pay homage to Dodger history with statues and a permanent home for the “Legends of Dodger Baseball” plaques..
  • Pavilion Renovations: Renovations to the Left and Right Field Pavilions will include new restrooms, enclosed bars with views into the bullpen, the creation of standing room areas at the top of each pavilion, enhanced ADA seating and “home run seats” just beyond the outfield wall.
  • New Elevators and Bridges: Elevators are currently under construction in the Right and Left Field Plazas to help move fans easily to and from this new Centerfield Plaza. Additionally, bridges will be constructed to connect the new pavilion standing room decks to the rest of the stadium for a 360-degree connection around the park’s perimeter. These new elevators and bridges will also provide easier access to the Dodger Stadium Express stop in Lot G through the Centerfield Plaza.
  • New Sound System: A new sound system will replace the current speaker tower and provide an enhanced audio experience to fans on all levels of the ballpark with more directed sound inside the stadium.

Photo courtesy Los Angeles Dodgers.

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