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Madison Mallards unveil new logo, branding

The Madison Mallards (Northwoods League) unveiled new logos and branding for the 2021 season, tying mascot Maynard G. Mallard with more local elements for the summer-collegiate team.

The new Maynard straddles Madison’s isthmus with the downtown state capitol in the background. The home plate, of course, is made of Wisconsin cheese. Designed by Madison-based Planet Propaganda, the logo introduce blue and cream to the team’s color palette along with the classic (but updated) green and yellow.

“We’ve always wanted the Mallards to be reflective of the community we call home. Our new branding drives that connection home, while hopefully reminding people of the fun memories they’ve created over the years at the Duck Pond and getting people excited to create another round of memories with us in the future,” said Mallards President Vern Stenman in a press statement.

This is the third iteration of Maynard G. Mallard in team history.

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