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Missoula PaddleHeads uniforms unveiled

Missoula PaddleHeads jerseys

Uniforms for the rebranded Missoula PaddleHeads (Rookie; Pioneer League) were unveiled yesterday, as the team prepares for the 2020 season despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Missoula Osprey are undergoing a rebranding in this offseason. The unveiling of the uniforms was originally slated to be fashion show community event. Instead, the unveiling came on the team’s social media, with former Osprey and Diamondbacks top prospect Liover Peugero joining the PaddleHeads in modeling the new branded jerseys:

“We are very proud of our new look,” said PaddleHeads’ Vice President Matt Ellis via press release. “Our goals with our on-field jerseys was the same as with our logos. To develop jerseys that represent Missoula’s lifestyle, natural surroundings, and convey our heart and soul. We feel like we have done that with our Zootown road jersey, our tie-die alternate jersey, our state logo represented on all the jersey sleeves, and our baseball traditional pinstripe home look. Our players will be proud to represent Missoula + Zootown throughout the Pioneer League wearing these uniforms, as they have already told us so.”

The home jersey is a traditional forest green pinstripe with the PaddleHeads script and paddle bat logo across the front. The PaddleHeads State logo is on the sleeve as it is on all of the team’s jerseys.

The road jersey which will be worn at home, as well, is a black top with Zootown script across the chest. The PaddleHeads state logo is on the sleeve and the jersey features the PaddleHeads special Neon Orange trim.

The alternate tie-dye jersey will be worn at home and on the road. This jersey is a break from the traditional baseball jersey and features the PaddleHeads Peace Logo on the heart of the jersey surrounded by a splendid blend of PaddleHeads official colors in tie-die.

The other two jerseys are alternate grays. One is a button down with Forest Green trim and Missoula across the chest. The “M” in Missoula is the PaddleHeads “M” logo with the antlers. The other grey is the only pull over jersey of the bunch. It features a more traditional Missoula script across the chest but has a special PaddleHeads antler design on the neck line and ends of both sleeves. The pullover grey will be used as a batting practice jersey more often than on field. However, both greys will be featured on the road more than at home.

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