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Expedition League Could Expand to Laramie

Expedition League

The summer-collegiate Expedition League could expand to Laramie, WY, as circuit officials have been in discussions about launching a new club there. 

Under the idea that is currently being floated, a new Laramie-based Expedition League team would play its home games at Cowboy Field starting in 2020. It would fill a void of summer-collegiate baseball in Laramie, which was home to the Laramie Colts from 2005-2018, while giving the Expedition League an opportunity to field a team in a solid market that fits within its geographical footprint.

There has been considerable discussion about the idea over the past several months, with Expedition League founder and president Steve Wagner making multiple visits to Laramie. While there is still some work to be done in order to make the team a reality–including lining up an ownership group, and finalizing a lease for Cowboy Field–the Expedition League seems confident that the plans could come to fruition. More from

“I love the ballpark, the demographics and size of the community, and having a university there is a positive thing for us. All those things collectively fit well with where we like to grow and expand,” Wagner said.

He added the Expedition League is looking to potentially add more teams in Wyoming and Northern Colorado and “Laramie fits the blueprint really well.

“I would say it is definitely more than 50 percent that it is probable we would have a team in Laramie for 2020,” Wagner said. “I’m excited about the possibilities in Laramie and think it could be a really good fit for the Expedition League.”

The Expedition League began play in 2018 with eight teams, before adding another pair of clubs prior to the 2019 season.

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