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Jumbo Shrimp to Host Florida Man Night

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

In honor of the Internet meme, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (Class AA; Southern League) are including a Florida Man Night on their 2019 promotional schedule. 

Florida Man has become a popular meme over the last several years, inspired by news headlines on stories involving bizarre scenarios–sometimes arrests–that begin with “Florida Man…”. The Jumbo Shrimp have incorporated a night that pays tribute to the Florida Man meme into their 2019 promotional schedule, with the event to take place at Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville on July 26.

This week’s announcement of the promotional schedule did not reveal many specifics about the Florida Man Night promotion, other than that “Jacksonville will break a weird Florida law in every single inning.” Since Florida Man Night was announced on Wednesday, it has managed to generate plenty of reaction through social media and news stories. In addition, the team announced an official sponsor for the promotion on Thursday:

Along with Florida Man Night, the Jumbo Shrimp’s 2019 promotional schedule features a few other unique entries. That includes Vice Night on May 11, when the Jumbo Shrimp will take the field in uniforms inspired by the television series Miami Vice. Details on the team’s full promotional schedule can be found here.

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