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Concert Promoter Secures Ogren Park Lease

Missoula Osprey

A concert promoter has secured a lease for Ogren Park at Allegiance Field, allowing it to book performances at the home of the Missoula Osprey (Rookie; Pioneer League). 

It was recently revealed that Logjam Presents president Nick Checota and the City of Missoula were discussing a potential 10-year lease for Ogren Park. Under the terms of that agreement, Logjam Presents would receive the right to book concerts and performances at the ballpark, which will also continue to be used for Osprey games.

The lease recently cleared a city council committee, and went up for discussion before the full city council on Monday. Nearby residents voiced their concerns about the potential effects on noise and traffic from having concerts at the venue, but the council voted to move forward with the agreement. The agreement is expected to help facilitate a better financial situation for the Osprey’s ownership, while allowing Logjam to book up to eight events annually at the facility starting next year. More from the Missoulian:

But after Checota was questioned on these points by council member Gwen Jones, the council unanimously passed the measure.

“I appreciate the comments from the neighbors and the efforts made by all parties,” said council member John DiBari. “In the lease, there is an opportunity for us to amend if necessary. … The intent of this lease and the parties is to ensure we have responsible stewardship of that venue.”

The 10-year lease gives Checota exclusive rights to book up to eight concerts a year at the city-owned Ogren Park stadium, and lessens the financial burden for Mountain Baseball, the company that owns the Missoula Osprey baseball team.

Mountain Baseball has a lease under which it pays $120,000 per year for debt service on the property, but that was proving burdensome. Under the new lease, Logjam will pay $70,000 per year, and Mountain Baseball will cover $40,000. The remaining $10,000 will come off the top of a new dedicated maintenance fund for the park, with a $1 surcharge per ticket the first year that increases to $1.50 in 2020 and tops out at $2 per ticket for the remainder of the lease.

Logjam Presents currently controls other concert venues in the area, but would use Ogren Park for events too large for those performance facilities. The ballpark is expected to host concerts for 7,000 to 10,000 attendees, with weeknight shows slated to end at 10:00 p.m. and weekend performances to conclude by 11:00 p.m.

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