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Renegades Changing Ballpark’s Name to ISOP

Hudson Valley Renegades 2018

In a nod to recent news stories surrounding IHOP, the Hudson Valley Renegades (Short Season A; NY-Penn League) will rename their ballpark ISOP (International Stadium of Pancakes) on June 24.

IHOP has created a buzz recently by teasing the branding for IHOb. IHOb is not the result of a permanent name change, but is instead a marketing campaign to push chain’s line of burgers.

Thats has inspired the Renegades to undertake their own promotion. For their game on June 24, the Renegades will rename their home Dutchess Stadium–their home ballpark–ISOP.

As part of the team’s Easter Sunday promotion at ISOP, pancakes will be available for purchase. Fans, young and old, will also be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt post-game. While the kids hunt for the traditional candy-filled eggs, adults have the opportunity to hunt for eggs filled with $4,000 worth of jewels; sponsored by Bellizzi Jewelers.

First-pitch is set for 5:05pm and the ISOP gates will open at 4pm.

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