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Hartford Yard Goats Granted Summary Judgement

Dunkin' Donuts Park

In a recent legal decision, the Hartford Yard Goats (Class AA; Eastern League) were granted a summary judgement against the former developers of Dunkin’ Donuts Park

Centerplan Co. and DoNo Hartford were the original developers of Dunkin’ Donuts Park, but saw their contract terminated by the City of Hartford in June 2016 after multiple deadlines were missed. As part of the legal fallout from that decision, the developers filed suit against the Yard Goats and owner Josh Solomon for tortious interference and unfair trade practices, and the team countersued the developers.

In a ruling on Monday, Hartford Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher granted the Yard Goats a summary judgement. While the developers had attempted to claim that the team pressured the city into making changes to the ballpark it could not afford, Moukawsher believed there was insufficient evidence to support that assertion. More from The Hartford Courant:

“DoNo and Centerplan’s claims are connected to the facts by a rope of sand. They fail because no reasonable fact-finder could make the desired connection and rule in their favor,” Moukawsher said. “Even viewing what they have submitted in the light most favorable to them, they have offered nothing to show genuine issues of material fact to be decided at trial.”

Centerplan attorney Raymond Garcia declined to comment.

Solomon said Monday that he was “pleased that the court found that Centerplan’s assertions are completely without merit,” and the judge’s ruling showed that Centerplan CEO Robert Landino and his team are “willing to manipulate the truth.”

There have been multiple legal cases unfolding, as Centerplan has also sued–and been countersued by–the city. While the ballpark construction contract was terminated in June 2016, the city more recently moved in October to end its contract with the companies to develop mixed-use amenities in the area surrounding Dunkin’ Donuts Park.

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