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Biloxi Baseball Responds to Overtime Sports Lawsuit

Biloxi Shuckers logoBiloxi Baseball, the Biloxi Shuckers (Class AA; Southern League) and owner Ken Young are seeking damages and a TRO in response to the lawsuit filed by Tim Bennett and Overtime Sports Management Biloxi over access to MGM Park and revenue generated by non-MiLB events. 

The response, filed in Harrison County Chancery Court, says that Bennett and Overtime Sports Management Biloxi owe $450,000 for a variety of items and seeks a temporary restraining order to prevent Bennett from accessing MGM Park, with the city taking control of scheduling and managing non-Shuckers events. The TRO application also asks that Bennett return his master key to the ballpark, not communicate with the Shuckers staff unless absolutely necessary, and operate a separate box office on his own dime.

Bennett put together the deal that brought the Huntsville Stars to Biloxi and MGM Park, receiving 5 percent of the Shuckers as part of his compensations, as well as scheduling outside events at the ballpark. Among those events: the annual Conference USA, held last month last MGM Park.

From the Biloxi Sun-Herald:

“There’s a lawsuit but at the same time the parties are continuing to communicate, and we hope to sit down with Biloxi Baseball and try to resolve this issue,” said Tim Holleman, attorney with Boyce Holleman & Associates, who represents Bennett in the legal action….

Among the other complaints listed are:

▪  Overtime Sports owes $450,000 for a variety of fees, taxes and vendor invoices

▪  Special events sponsored by Overtime Sports “have been disorganized, unprofessional and not well managed,” which the filing says reflects poorly on Biloxi Baseball

▪  The use of Biloxi Baseball employees by Overtime Sports without full compensation

▪  Scheduling of Overtime events during the Biloxi Shuckers’ season without seeking the approval of Biloxi Baseball

▪  Entering a contract with Conference USA requiring the closure of the Shuckers’ Team Store during a special event

As noted, the two sides are still talking.

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