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Pensacola, Biloxi Square off in Seafood Feud

Pensacola Blue Wahoos

There is suddenly a lot riding on the final result of the first half standings in the Southern League‘s South Division. With their teams competing for first place, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Biloxi Shuckers have pledged to send the winning club’s front office fresh seafood. 

Entering Monday’s action, the Blue Wahoos have a four-game lead in the division over Biloxi. Both clubs have seven games remaining in their first half slates.

If the Blue Wahoos can hang on to win the division, the Shuckers have agreed to send a bushel of oysters to Pensacola. If the Shuckers can make a climb and win the division, Pensacola will send Biloxi ten pounds of wahoo. If neither team wins the division, the deal would become void.

“As everyone knows, there is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying some oysters on Pensacola Beach,” said Blue Wahoos president Jonathan Griffith. “Our front office looks forward to enjoying this gift soon.”

“We are so confident in the Shuckers that we have spotted Pensacola a three-game lead in this challenge,” said Shuckers general manager Chuck Arnold. “The Blue Wahoos like to brag about how fierce a Wahoo is, but they must not be too fierce as the only time I’ve seen one has been on my dinner plate.”

The deal was agreed upon between Shuckers GM Chuck Arnold and Blue Wahoos president Jonathan Griffith. The deal is all in good fun, but it will make competition even more important.  The agreement will be completed upon clinching of series.

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