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Estadio Diablos Construction Makes Progress

Mexico City Red Devils new ballpark rendering

Progress continues to be made on Estadio Diablos, which the Mexico City Red Devils (Mexican League) recently reported as being more than 50% complete.

The new 13,000-seat Estadio Diablos for the Red Devils has been in the works for a few years, and is taking steps towards its opening.  Late last week, team owner Alfredo Harp Helu reported that construction of the facility is making significant progress, and is more than halfway complete.

To be located within Magdalena Mixhuca, the ballpark’s unique design has caught plenty of attention. It is expected to include several large public plazas and green spaces on the exterior, which is part of an effort to promote environmental sustainability. When the ballpark design was unveiled, it stated that the goal was to create a Zero-Net building.

Some sections of the ballpark are in place, but work is now expected to shift to building its second floor. This will allow for the installation of its roof, which will be one of its signature features. More from Telesur:

According to the architects, the grand roof will be wrapped in a special fiberglass textile to create a fabric-like surface. It will be “sharp, translucent, luminous and dynamic,” they said in an statement. The structure will be supported by truncated pyramids clad with volcanic rock.

The key goal for Estadio Diablos is to create a great public space, where the open area is as important as the constructed building, a common architectural feature within Mexican culture.

The construction is one of the most ambitious in Mexico, worth 60 million dollars, and will be ready for use by the end of 2017.

The ballpark’s architects include Alonso de Garay of ADG and Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido of JAHN. The Red Devils currently play at Estadio Fray Nano.

Image courtesy ADG. 

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