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Rawhide Extend Recreation Park Lease

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The Visalia Rawhide (High A; California League) have agreed to a one-year lease extension at Recreation Park, but are hoping to eventually sign a longer agreement. 

The Rawhide’s agreement with the City of Visalia to use Recreation Park was set to expire. Both the team and the city were working toward a deal that would outline improvements to Recreation Park, and keep the Rawhide locked into a lease for multiple years.

However, the two sides have decided for now to extend the lease for one year and continue refining the terms of a longer agreement. According to Rawhide general manager Jennifer Pendergraft, the one-year pact leaves the door open to drafting a lease that will allow for Recreation Park upgrades. More from the Visalia Times-Delta:

Earlier this month, Visalia City Council voted to extend the lease. On a recommendation from a subcommittee, council’s approval included making no additional improvements to the stadium at this time and no changes to the current lease terms and conditions.

“All operational, financial and maintenance terms in the agreement will remain in place through the one-year extension,” according to city administrators.

Pendergraft said club administrators have been working on future plans and putting together a business plan for the facility, which hasn’t panned out.

“We’re confident that we will come up with a great General Plan’ for this facility, and our goal of another long-term lease agreement will be drawn up soon, securing professional baseball in Visalia for many years to come,” Pendergraft said.

The lease terms will carry over from the previous agreement, which was first signed in 2008. Recreation Park opened in 1946, and received its last major renovation in 2009. It will host the California League All-Star Game in 2017.

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