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West Virginia Power to Upgrade Videoboard

West Virginia Power

The West Virginia Power (Low A; Sally League) have announced that a new videoboard will be installed at Appalachian Power Park before next season. 

Total Sports Entertainment and the Power will begin installing the videoboard within the next few weeks. That upgrade will be a part of video and audio improvements that the Power will make over the offseason.

The LSI Smartvision LED video board will replace the existing video board, line score and message center. The existing video board was installed when the ballpark was constructed in 2004 and measures 13 feet by 25 feet, totaling 325 square feet. The Smartvision video board is roughly 28 feet tall by 35 feet wide, totaling nearly 980 square feet. The Smartvision video board features 16mm True Pixel Technology with over 350,000 pixels, which is nearly double the existing pixel display. It will be brighter and provide greater clarity at any time of the day or night with high resolution images.

“Each year, we look at the needs of the stadium and work with the City of Charleston to meet those needs,” said Tim Wilcox, the Managing Partner of the West Virginia Power. “Two years ago, the city took on the renovation of the playing surface. We are excited to make this contribution to upgrade Appalachian Power Park and know it will improve everyone’s experience.”

The production suite will include new cameras, sound equipment, computers, production equipment and software. These upgrades will allow the production staff to improve the overall quality of in-game entertainment for the fans at Appalachian Power Park with improved live video, instant replay, up-to-the-minute statistics, scoring information, animations and sponsor messaging.

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