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Franklin Ballpark Could Open in 2018

Franklin development plan

A new Franklin, WI ballpark could open in 2018, but that is pending a decision from the Franklin Common Council.

At the end of June, it was revealed that Franklin was considering a roughly $26 million tax increment financing (TIF) district plan for the ballpark and adjacent development. Headed by Mike Zimmerman, the Ballpark Commons proposal includes a independent league venue, plus fields and indoor sports facilities for The Rock Sports Complex. Also expected is a mixed-use development that includes retail, residences, lodging, and dining space.

The complete development would occur over a period of several years, but the ballpark could come relatively quickly. If the Common Council approves the TIF district by September, officials feel that it could be ready by 2018. More from the Milwaukee Business Journal:

Under those time lines, the first baseball games could be played in the stadium in spring 2018, Lincoln said. The indoor sports complex would be completed around the same time, he said. The first apartments could come online in late 2017 or early 2018, he said.

“I think in general we are quite pleased with it,” [Ballpark Commons consultant Dick] Lincoln said of the proposed city financing. “It is consistent generally with what we requested.”

Work could also begin in spring 2017 on the first of several apartment buildings planned south of Rawson Avenue that are also part of the development, Lincoln said. Milwaukee developer WiRED Properties would build those apartments.

This proposal has been on the table for a few months, but city officials are starting to look at it more closely. Next week, the council will undertake its first public discussion of the proposal, which would call for the city to use TIF district revenue to pay for infrastructure and other expenses. A final vote is not expected to take place until early September.

Over the last few months, there has been some progress for Ballpark Commons. The town’s planning commission took a particularly big step this spring, when it recommended the plan to the Common Council. The development is expected to amount to a roughly $120 million investment.

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