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Ballpark in Mexico City Could Spark Fan Interest


The Mexico City Red Devils (Mexican League) are hoping that a new ballpark will help increase fan interest. 

Set to open next year, Diablos Rojos stadium has caught some attention for its unique design and innovative features relating to environmental sustainability. It may also bring some stability for the franchise that has used a varitey of facilities in recent decades, including Parque Delta, Foro Sol, and their current home, the 4,200-seat Fray Nano.

According to Red Devils communication manager Carlos Alberto Fernandez, the shuffling among ballparks occurred as baseball’s popularity declined in the area, which was attributed, in part, to other factors, including a player strike, the rise of soccer, and departure of Mexico’s best talent to MLB. Fernandez feels, however, that Diablos Rojos stadium is emerging at the right time and could help the continual trend of renewed interest in baseball. More from

 The state-of-the-art Diablos Rojos stadium planned for 2017 will be bigger and even self-sustaining, using solar cells and water collectors. It will hold up to 24,000 people and will include expandable stands, underground parking and practice fields for the fans. The park will also host the Diablos Rojos Hall of Fame and the National Baseball Historic Archive.

“The team’s entire efforts are already focused in the new park, which will open next year as the best one in Latin America,” Fernández said.

All of this is part of a strategy to make baseball not only popular again in Mexico City, but profitable.

You can see more about the new ballpark here.

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