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RubberDucks Unveil Extreme Menu Items for 2016

Akron Meat Your Maker Quesadilla

Yes, it apparently is MiLB Food Day in these parts. Some more culinary news for your perusal, as the Akron RubberDucks (Class AA; Eastern League) unveil their Extreme Menu items for 2016 and announced changes to The Game Grill + Bar.

The Extreme Menu is adding three new items: the Meat Your Maker Quesadilla, The European Vacation, and The Squealer. The Meat Your Maker Quesadilla (shown at the top of the page) is a triple-decker quesadilla with three jam-packed layers—layer one has hot dogs, Texas jack chili, and cheddar cheese; layer two has hamburger and American cheese, and layer three has chicken tenders, poutine gravy, and cheddar cheese. It will be sold at the Taters concession stand for $15.

Akron European Vacation

The European Vacation is a foot-long bratwurst on a pierogi bun, topped with fiery feta cheese spread and roasted red peppers. The European Vacation is available at the Bier Garten for $12.

Akron Squealer

The third new item is The Squealer, which is a half-pound foot-long hot dog stuffed with pulled pork and cheddar cheese, then wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, and drizzled with barbeque sauce. The Squealer is only available at The Game Grill + Bar for $10.99.

The rest of the Extreme Menu includes several fan favorites such as the full-sized batting-helmet sundae, The Screamer, the Three Dog Night, the Nice 2 Meat U Burger, and last year’s big hit, the Not Your Routine Poutine.

The Game’s new Chef’s Table will be open for three hours, starting when the restaurant opens two hours prior to the scheduled game time, and it will conclude one hour past the scheduled start time. The cold appetizer table will include items such as fruit, vegetables, and salads. The hot appetizer table will have ballpark favorites such as nachos and soft pretzels. The entrée table with side dishes will rotate themes between homestands. Some entrée options include a barbeque arrangement and an all-American fare setup. The Game and RubberDucks social media pages will publicize the upcoming entrees prior to each homestand. Finally, the dessert table will include items such as cookies, brownies, and other treats, as well as coffee, tea, and infused water. The Chef’s Table is $18.99 for adults and $12.99 for kids under 12, which includes unlimited trips to the various tables.

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