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Grizzlies go big with World’s Largest Tickets

Gastonia Grizzlies

The heck with electronic tickets for the Gastonia Grizzlies (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League): this season the team is unveiling the World’s Largest Tickets for admission to Sims Park.

The new tickets, which measure 20 inches long by 10 inches wide, are the size of a full-length newspaper. The Grizzlies teamed up with the Gaston Gazette on the promotion to provide larger-than-life tickets that fit with the theme of the “Best Show in Town” at Grizzlies games. Alex McDonald, the VP of Operations designed the tickets with the Gazette to make them similar to full length posters.

The team will offer 28 editions of the tickets, one for each regular season game. Tickets will commemorate the Grizzlies home field of Sims Park, Chizzle the mascot, and famous alumnus Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.


“We pride ourselves in standing out and being different while providing something special for our fans,” said Grizzlies Owner Jesse Cole. “With most teams going to electronic tickets, we decided to go the exact opposite direction. We want people to get one of our tickets and say ‘Wow’ and want to keep it as a souvenir item. These tickets fit in perfectly with our theme of providing an experience that is unforgettable every night at the ballpark.”

“We focus on entertainment and want to create the best show possible,”said VP of Operation Alex McDonald. “The new tickets really enhance both the first and last impression for the fan. By using dynamic photos, the new tickets will let the fan know, right away, that they are in for something special. They can also hang onto it afterwards to remember their time at the ballpark. The idea is something that we haven’t heard of and we want to continue to be innovative for our fans and constantly create the best experience.”

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