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Blue Jays set for Montreal return in spring training 2015: report

Olympic Stadium

A Montreal radio station is reporting the Toronto Blue Jays are set for a return to Olympic Stadium in 2015 for an exhibition series against the Cincinnati Reds.

The return to the former home of the Montreal Expos was seen by many as being inevitable after the Jays and New York Mets drew 96,350 fans to a 2014 exhibition series at the end of spring training. (Why the Reds? Toronto native Joey Votto would be a great draw.) That event was partly a celebration of Canadian baseball, partly a remembrance of the Montreal Expos, and partly a show for MLB officials that Montreal could once again host Major League Baseball. We’d expect a 2015 weekend series (probably on April 3-4, judging by the way the MLB season is shaping up) to have roughly the same overtones.

We have more on the event from our sister site, Spring Training Online.

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