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Pulaski Mariners owners to retire; new owners on the way

Pulaski MarinersThe three owners of the Pulaski Mariners (rookie; Appalachian League) are retiring, and a local ownership group wants to keep the team alive in coming years.

“We have been committed to providing affordable, family friendly entertainment to the local community at a wonderful baseball facility that has its own history,” said Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Carpenter, one of the three owners of Pulaski Baseball. “So now we are going to be a part of that history.” Carpenter, team president Tom Compton and VP Rick Mansell have been principals of the local baseball organization since the late 1980s.

The affiliation agreement with the Seattle Mariners and the Calfee Park lease both expire at the end of this season, and both will need to be renewed by the incoming owners from Motor Mile Speedway and Dragway

“We made our decision last December, that this would be our final season” said Carpenter. “But we weren’t sure how we should handle the end of our operation and yet be sure baseball would continue with another operator.

“The fit is as perfect as it can be,” Carpenter added. “This organization has everything in place to step in and continue our tradition of family entertainment.  I think it is a great opportunity for them and the fans of baseball.”

The owners have reached a point where they want to simplify life and have time to farm, travel, play golf or whatever comes along.  “We aren’t so much tired of bringing the excitement of baseball to Pulaski, but we know that often change is a good way to bring new energy and excitement to an organization.” said Carpenter. “The new organization brings experience in marketing sports entertainment that I am sure will impress our fans and create more wonderful memories seeing America’s pastime in Historic Calfee Park.”


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