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Saints to revive popular Silent Night Friday


The St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) are prepping for a final season at Midway Stadium, and to celebrate the team is reviving the ever-popular Silent Night, dating back to the 1993 season.

The May 16 promo features a night that would make Marcel Marceau smile as mimes will help entertain the crowd. The mimes will be dressed in tight black clothing interacting with fans without uttering a word. Facial expressions, body language and showmanship will be the theme of the night.

Also to be revived that night: Mime-O-Vision, the mime-fueled instant replay. Mimes will be placed on top of the dugout to re-enact close plays on the field. Unlike Major League Baseball, the American Association doesn’t have video review, but we’re praying Mime-O-Vision is enacted across the entire circuit.

Alas, we won’t be there for this promo, but we will be there for Opening Night on May 15. If you’re interested in a cool one in the parking lot before the game, drop us a line.

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