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New for 2014 from August Publications

Yankee Stadium hosting football

With nine book titles set for release in the beginning of 2014 and a host of new publishing outlets, we have lots of August Publications news for the new year.

First, we have NY-Penn League and Southern League histories planned for the spring, as well as second editions of Cradle of the Game, The Baseball Thesaurus and The Complete Guide to Big League Ballparks. We’re particularly excited about the NY-Penn League book: we’re publishing it in conjunction with the circuit and its 75th anniversary, and we’ll be promoting it with teams throughout the season. Second: We’re launching a new imprint, New West Books, with a great environmental title. Third: We have two Yellowstone National Park books in the works for the spring. Finally, we’re expanding our football line, with a biography of Jimmy Raye — the groundbreaking quarterback who helped Michigan State break the color line some 50 years ago — and The Football Thesaurus set for a summer release. Don’t forget: we’re always on the lookout for a good book title! Contact us for submission guidelines.

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Finally, we’ve expanded our Facebook presence. Besides the Ballpark Digest Facebook page, we also publish the following Facebook pages:

Old Ballparks

Old Arenas

Old Football Stadiums

The photo at the top of this page — Yankee Stadium hosting football — was originally posted to our Old Ballparks page. (There’s a rich tradition of the original Yankee Stadium hosting football: the NFL’s New York Giants played there from 1956 to 1973, and many important games, like Army-Navy matches that helped determine national championships, were held there.) Today’s topic on Old Football Stadiums, as you might expect, is Tulane Stadium, the original home of the Sugar Bowl.

We’re also working on expanding our Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Look for news about these in the future. Once again, thanks for your patronage and support: we’re very excited about 2014 and want to share that excitement with you. Kevin Reichard


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