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Boca Raton site pitched for ‘Stros/Jays spring complex

Houston AstrosWith Palm Beach Gardens passing on a new Houston Astros/Toronto Blue Jays spring-training complex, Boca Raton may end up being considered for the development.

A local developer is pitching Boca Raton as the perfect area for the spring-training complex, which already has $50 million in state money dedicated for its construction. While the Astros may not be thrilled about Boca — owner Jim Crane has repeatedly argued for a Palm Beach Gardens location, which would be 30 minutes closer to Jupiter (where the Cardinals and Marlins train) and his golf club than Boca, located in the southern part of the county — there are some in Boca and Palm Beach County who would welcome the development.

Our sister site, Spring Training Online, has more details.


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